Patient Testimonials

“I have had pain issues since 1978 when I had my first automobile accident. i have had 3 back surgeries, five blown cervical discs (two of which they want to fuse with titanium implants), both knees blown out, both ankles blown out as well, shoulder surgery (still bothers me), etc. I’m 65 and have lived and worked hard. I’ve tried everything for pain since 1978 such as heat, ice tens units, ketoprofen compound, surgery, pain meds, etc. A few months ago, I broke my foot. Doctor Tammy gave me a MedStick. I applied it to my broken foot and it was swollen like a football and black, blue and purple. It started tingling and the pain went away within a minute. This is a truly spectacular product. It is medical marijuana at its finest.” -Guy

“Twenty-six years ago I lost my leg in a car accident. I suffered many extreme injuries, but the ones that cause great pain on a daily basis include my leg, two permanently broken wrists and a pinched sciatic nerve. I am and always have been an outdoors man. Everything I enjoy involves physical activity. The pain from my injuries has never slowed me down and as a medical marijuana advocate, I don’t believe in any other pain medication. Over the last 26 years, I have tried just about every way of taking my medicine. This summer, my daughter’s neighbor introduced me to a line of products called CannaTopics. For Father’s Day, I received several different products from the line. I have yet to come across anything that compares. The line is amazing. It doesn’t mask the pain — it makes it disappear. Not to mention, it heals any cut, bruise, sore, bute, sunburn, just about everything!” – D.L.B.

“Using the CannaSilk Lotion to relieve some shoulder pain (which works great, by the way), I noticed something interesting. The stretch marks from weight-lifting on my upper shoulders disappeared. Additionally, I have found it instantly eliminate mosquito bite itching.” – Rob

I am allergic to just about everything. I have hyperactive, sensitive skin. Hives are a normal part of every day and they can be caused by just about anything. Many of the topical medicines for hives are out of the question for me because I’m allergic to them, too. However, even the ones I can use, I don’t, because they don’t work for me. I was recently introduced to a line of topicals called Cannatopics. Over the last few months I have tried many of the products, and I have yet to come across one that doesn’t work for everything. It makes my hives vanish and seems to prevent anymore from occurring. I am amazed and totally sold. There isn’t anything out there that’s better for everything. A.B.

As a glassblower, I’ve received burns on a regular basis. Most are small, but recently I had a 25mm glass tube (about the size of a garden hose), which at it’s liquid striking temperature is about 1650 degrees, fall across my arm. At first I thought I’d be on the way to the E.R., but to my amazement, I grabbed a MedStick and put it on the burn. Within less than 24 hrs, the burn was stopped, and where I should have been blistered and hospitalized, instead I was healed. I now keep Cannatopics with my tools instead of aloe. Thanks for the good meds, CannaTopics! T.L.

I am a cashier and a glass blower, and have tendonitis in both my shoulder and my wrist. Using the lotion on a day-to-day basis helps, but on the really bad days when my wrist just aches and pops, the MedStick works wonders. I will put it on after work, and within 15 minutes, my wrist feels better and the swelling has gone down. C,F.

As a construction worker and tradesman for over 18 years, I’ve received a number of injuries, from a broken tailbone to shoulder replacement, and now I’m going through a torn ACL. Having trouble taking pharmaceutical meds, I’ve tried CannaTopics moisture infused lotions and have had great results for the everyday pain. For my extreme pain, I’ve tried Oil of Eden healing oil and have had incredible results with zero side effects or feeling tired. Thanks, D.L.