Is this legal – You will have to check your local rules. Since the kit contains no cannabis, as it is designed to use your own, it can be legally shipped anywhere in the world.


Is Eden’s Passion edible – Yes, it uses all natural ingredients, including food grade coconut oil.

Does CannaFirst work on burns – Yes, it is awesome on burns, as it promotes healing, and lessens scarring. CannaFirst also works great on bruises, bites, scrapes, skin irritations, and anything else that you would use a first aid cream for.

Will these products get me high – Topicals do not get you high, as they work through CB-2 receptors, which make them totally non-psychoactive, even if your cannabis mix would contain large amounts of THC. Healing Oils and tinctures however, taken orally, work through the CB1 receptors, which CAN be psychoactive and could cause drowsiness. So, always use these tinctures and oils very carefully and start slowly.

How much should I use, and how often – In the case of topicals, start with a small amount and rub it in, adding more if pain persists and reapplying as needed. You will soon find the application that works best for you.


What about Seniors – These are excellent products for the elderly. Pain relief without the serious side effects of many drugs.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us.

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